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All About Leather Shoes

Leather shoes have been popularly used from past to present. The reason why leather shoes are so valuable and preferred is that they have long-lasting use. Leather shoes are also so good in terms of health. Leather shoes are valued very differently from other shoes due to the features they have.

Leather shoes never go out of fashion because they have their style. You can combine it with any outfit. It will help you complete your combination with its eye-catching designs.

Even if you have to wear it for a long time, your feet can breathe because leather has such a feature. Leather shoes are also easy to clean. You can use any leather cleaning product or rubbing alcohol.

The History of Leather Shoes

It is not known when or by whom leather shoes were invented. Even if leather shoes did not have such a design in ancient times, they had a use to wrap the foot. As time progressed and technology developed, shoe production also improved. Access to the raw materials required for the production of leather shoes became easier, industrialization increased. Afterward, hand-craftsmanship started to fall behind, and mass production of leather shoes began.

Protecting Leather Shoes

Since the leather has the property of peeling or cracking, the shoes deteriorate over time and have a bad appearance. To avoid all this, leather shoes must be carefully protected. If you clean your shoes without waiting when they are dusty, you can prevent the formation of stereotyped layers. If you polish your shoe after cleaning, you will renew the leather every time, thus prolonging its life. In addition, if you rub with vaseline cream, you will prevent cracks that may occur in advance.

You should stay away from chemical products as a cleaner for leather shoes. Chemicals damage the pores of the leather. When leather shoes are exposed to water for a long time, they absorb water, and if you do the drying process too quickly, the shoes will crack. Therefore, the drying process should be slow and should be done in a cool place.

Leather shoes should not be exposed to direct sunlight because the sun discolors leather shoes. When dyeing leather shoes, a sponge should be used and the paint should be applied in a thin layer. A new painting shouldn’t be done before the applied paint dries

How to Shine Leather Shoes

Leather shoes become dull with use. All you need to do to remove this dullness in leather shoes is to buy a good leather shoe polish. After cleaning the dust of the shoes, apply the polish with the help of a cloth and rub it. You can then use the brush to remove excess polish. After removing the excess polish, you can wipe it again with a cloth and complete the polishing process. If you don’t have polish on hand, you can instead clean the leather with olive oil and rub the inside of the banana peel for the finishing touch.

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