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*Ethical Production and Sedex Audits*

At Yenershoes, we always prioritize ethical production and responsible business practices. With a strong commitment to our customers and society, we manage our production processes in an environmentally friendly and fair manner.

*Adherence to Ethical Production Principles*

We continuously strive to ensure that worker rights are respected and humane working conditions are maintained in our production facilities. Protecting the rights of our employees and providing them with a fair working environment is our top priority.

*Assured Compliance with Sedex Audits*

Yenershoes is subject to Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) audits, and we fully comply with the results of these audits. Sedex audits aim to monitor and improve ethical production standards and working conditions in workplaces. Through these audits, we ensure that our business processes are transparent and fair.

*Responsibilities to Our Customers and Society*

By adhering to ethical production and Sedex audits, we not only deliver quality products but also fulfill our responsibilities to society and the environment. You can be assured that every product we provide has gone through a fair and ethical production process.


At Yenershoes, we are committed to continuously improving sustainability and ethical values. With the support of our customers and society, we are working towards a better world.