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*Leading in Sustainability: Generating Our Own Energy*

At Yenershoes, we demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices at every opportunity. By generating our own energy, we minimize our impact on the environment and aim to stay one step ahead in sustainability.

*Generating Our Own Energy*

Through our solar energy plant (SEP) project, we produce 80% of our energy needs. The SEP project harnesses solar energy, a renewable energy source, to meet the energy requirements of our operations.

*Environmentally Friendly Production*

By sourcing 80% of our energy from renewable sources, we minimize our environmental impact. By reducing carbon emissions, we conserve natural resources and contribute to keeping our environment clean.

*Leading the Way in Sustainability*

At Yenershoes, we aspire to be known not only as a shoe manufacturer but also as a pioneer in sustainability. By generating our own energy and producing without harming the environment, we continue our mission to leave a cleaner world for future generations.

*Our Future, a Cleaner Future*

At Yenershoes, we guide our business with sustainability principles, working for both today’s and tomorrow’s world. Through our self-generated energy and environmental consciousness, we take steps towards a cleaner future.