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Shoe Development

Since 1965, Yener Shoes has created a remarkable customer experience in the footwear design & development working with designers, brands and retailers from around the world.
We offer you the latest trends & styles one click away. More than a supplier, you will find a shoemaker that understands your needs, always keeping in mind your deadlines and impeccable quality.

Are you looking for the right partner to help you develop your next collection? If you don’t have your own design, development or manufacturing available, you have found the right partner! We have a network of designers around the world that understand the market insights and trends, waiting to start this journey with you. To start working with Yener Shoes, you can send us one of the following:

  • Fashion moodboard that reflects what you want to create;
  • Other products as a reference or inspiration;
  • Patchwork or fabrics similar to the ones you want.

Our Process

Sketch and Tech Pack

You send us your sketches or tech pack with all the information about your product.

Material Research

We find the materials and fabrics that best suit your project to develop your collection.


We develop the first sample of your product to be approved by you.


We send you the sample to be approved before the production begins. This is the step to make chances, if necessary.


After your approval, we send the samples to the factories to start the production.

Quality Control

After the production is ready, we do a final quality control before delivery. We know quality is everything.


Finally, we send your collection to you, wherever you need.